At Spa O On the Go our mission is to inspire balance, peace, and beauty through bodywork and skincare.

We are dedicated in providing a place of personal growth, within the mind, body, and soul. We provide the energy needed to re-awaken the senses through the power of touch in your own personal space or our spa location.

We at Spa O are very passionate about guiding our clients on a journey of inner peace and encouraging everyone we encounter to ‘quiet the noise’. We believe there is something beautiful in everyone.

We offer Mobile Spa Service or in our Spa Location such as…
  • Facial Treatments
  • Massage Therapy
  • Waxing Treatments
  • Body Therapies
  • Yoga
  • Hair Extenstions
  • Spa Parties
  • Kids Spa Parties
  • In Office Chair Massage Events
  • Corporate Spa Day Events
  • Nails

The Products we use are very specifically hand picked for your health and beauty needs.

The Skin Care line used is Repechage! Repechage Pronunciation (re-pe-shaj) noun, to rescue; second chance. Repechage brings together the remarkable health and beauty benefits of seaweed, and the finest natural ingredients the earth has to offer..